#bookdate on a boat

How did I not know about this place, basically the most beautiful bookshop in London? Hidden away a ten minutes walk from King’s Cross, on Regent’s canal, this boat is full packed of books (and if you have good books, bring them in, they’re always collecting) and music. Even before getting close to the boat you can hear a sound wave of relaxing jazz and blues.

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And then you step inside and find two cats, a hot stove, some cosy chairs and pillows to sit on and, of course, loads of books.

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I know now where I’m going to make my open mic debut and even if they don’t do such events, I’ll make sure they will. This is the place. It’s called Word on the Water and it’s open every day 12 – 7pm.


a joke

I’m not perfect.

No one is, as a matter of fact. Sometimes, I find it hard to come back to myself and sometimes – I have no recollection of what happened yesterday. Like today, for example.

I woke up from another life, having no idea whatsoever about where I’ve been or what have I been doing yesterday. I was probably trying to escape Timberlake’s river but whatever I did, it was still there; so I let it all out. I let it out on the tube, and afterwards stepping outside into an early evening, in the quietness of the City. I let it out on the street and then alongside Thames, listening to buskers, I let it out as the sun set on Southbank. I let it out on the way back home and brought it back into the room. I took it in bed with me and let it out while falling asleep.

I feel now as if it never happened.

I feel like it was all a joke. It was a joke, right? That didn’t happen and it will never happen.

But then I checked my camera and apparently, in my unconscious state of justin timberlake I took a lot of pictures.

The Mir0, Picasso and almost Dali experience


Moved to Barcelona for a week and almost (- almost!) visited Figueres, where Dali’s house and museum is, apparently,  the second most visited place in Spain. Afraid that there will be loads of tourists, I decided to leave it for another time.

The sea was cold but welcoming.

and I enjoyed myself taking loads of pictures.


because I’m so in love.

one of my dreams came true by seeing Miro’s art in his home town

but there’s so much to do and so little time.

more pics here


bobby is smoking his cigarette outside the shop he’s got
tattoos from god knows what ancient time
what is your dream?
I could live anywhere in a big city in a small farm in the countryside in the mountains

at the seaside 
I really don’t care
I could travel to your dream place
bobby has his name tattooed on his neck
bobby has these insecurities like dodgy off-licence shops
in bethnal green which is la great area lovely atmosphere

you came to me whispering I heard you wrote some poems like a drug dealer would ask you want some dope? my hands were
I said sure anytime you want but then I realized what if you don’t what if 
I’m still waiting
your laugh was so genuine I haven’t heard anyone laugh like that in a very long time

bobby doesn’t have a car
he used to drive when he was younger now he’s taking the train
priority seats
what is your dream now?

5 things that happen to you when living in London

Just like all those cheesy articles on the world wide web, I’ve decided to share some of the thoughts I have (so far) on living in this surreal city called London. I am totally conscious of not having the trained fingertips to write about the subjects I’m more interested in or in love with, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing. This simple, common, random need: sharing. So it begins something like that…

1. You enjoy the discomfort zone
You know what they say about comfort zones. All that fuss about getting out of yours, although nobody tells you what really happens when you do. I’ve noticed that your entire body changes. Or maybe you become aware of your own body and you don’t really know whose is it. This doesn’t happen over night, but you’re no longer afraid of making mistakes and you’re no longer afraid of getting lost. In fact, you don’t even think it’s possible to get lost, even when you certainly are. You walk a lot. And you enjoy it, even if it rains or it’s too cold. A few months ago, back home, you would have taken a taxi.

2. You pay the most expensive rent in Europe and you don’t mind
Rent is expensive, food is expensive, public transport is expensive, going out is expensive. And yet, you don’t care. In the meantime, there are thousands of FREE events, museums, festivals, etc every single day. Which leads me to —>

3. You may feel frustrated : too much happiness / not knowing what to chose
In terms of cultural activities. You often find yourself running from a poetry class to a museum to a dance show and then you realize your fridge is empty but hey what the hell – does that even matter? of course not, you’re literally enjoying every moment. Yep, you would love to have some savings, to begin building up your future and to be more serious. But maybe it’s your last year in the 20s and .. whoa hold on a second, I’m a bit confused dot com

4. You thrive when someone says “you look like a londoner!”.
Because you are one. And you have this urge to “import” all your friends. You’re so excited that everyone you talk to may think you’re nuts. But that craving is slowly decreasing as you start to realize that –>

5. The past becomes a dangerous place
In fact, there is no past anymore. There is no place for your past in this city. Not that you wouldn’t want it to be. It doesn’t fit in. You try to skip back but you find blanks and there’s no time to re-imagine the blanks. One day has not enough hours for you to live in, so why would you spend those hours remembering whatsoever?