Suntem varză?

Nu știu ce m-a apucat ieri seară, că în timp ce lucram la 23 de lucruri odată, am deschis unul din blogurile mele vechi, cel mai vechi, defapt. Ăla, fubuki, pe Varză! Varză! Varză! strigam în mine, ca și când aș cere ajutor. :))

Dar mai bine vă las o pagină de lectură de pe Heartbrunch, să înțelegeți despre ce vorbesc, fiindcă Iulia zice mai bine ca oricine.

Aici:         Suntem varză și e în regulă



Despre “spațiul sigur” și ce avem în kitul de sănătate mintală, pe Heartbrunch


Că iar mă plimb dintr-un blog în altul, asta nu mai e o noutate. Dar că am re-început, cu chiu, cu vai, să scriu în grai românesc, cel puțin pentru mine e. Mă urnesc din loc ca melcul, dar mă urnesc. Sper să vă placă #paparadeganduri pe care o pregătim la foc mic. Pe Heartbrunch.

“Se spune că e bine să ai un spațiu de refugiu, în caz de pericol. Un adăpost în caz de intemperii. Să ai unde să te aperi de vreme rea. De ce nu am avea, atunci, și un loc ferit de stres și energie negativă, un loc pe harta geografică a lumii și în același timp, un loc imaginar.” (….)  Citește continuarea aici !


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… is looking so good! I cannot wait to release the beast into the www and feel so proud of what Iulia & I have gathered together for a glorious end of the year.

… arata bestial! Abia astept sa-i dam drumul in lumea larga si sunt mandra de tot ce-am adunat impreuna cu Iulia pentru sfarsitul asta glorios de an.

See you Sunday, people!

Ne vedem duminica!

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Iar noi va vom umple ziua cu povesti de inima, de servit intre mese, fara nicio judecata.

Happy New Year!

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While I was away from my beloved failed diaries, there was something cooking in the oven. Together with a talented friend & writer, we decided to take a next step in our journey here on earth. After 3 months of brainstorming, networking and writing, the WEBSITE IS HERE!
This is a space for exploring mental & spiritual health with a dash of goofiness and honest rant. Don’t hesitate to jump in the conversation and share what’s in your cookbook. And subscribe to our newsletter  !

A big thank you to Ana Rusu and Andrei Tabacaru for investing time and talent in the looks of Heartbrunch!

so why should I

there’s a big spider on the other side of my window. it might be a sign from the universe that if i look at myself in the mirror i can see something else. i can see someone else; a change that hasn’t been there; maybe it wasn’t supposed to be there or maybe it was; it’s windy and the spider is hanging onto its web, just stays there; it doesn’t move right or left, i don’t know what it’s going to do next; i can’t move.

so i’m just going to be a cat. cats don’t give a fuck. so why should ? the body knows what to do, so why should ?

that’s a lot for a tiny person

​a noise in the silence and the unbearable lightness of being
i am here, with all the fears and thoughts and emotions and the wind blowing them all in my face

that’s a lot for a tiny person

a smell of roasted peppers and silence filled with noise like swishing leaves
except that they aren’t leaves; they’re people trying to knock down a door locked from the inside
trying to get in with a screwdriver and a hammer
and how do you know you made the right choice? you don’t. and you did. because all the steps that got you here are every step you took so far
this is your universe
it could be anyone’s though, but it’s not theirs

The dandelions

In the British Isles alone, 234 micro species of dandelion are recognized
to gravitate around the moon

since yesterday my chest has opened and it looks like a glass box
transparent and you can see my heart inside
an air bubble
around it dandelions lined up like planets: it’s good, I feel like I haven’t written in a long
long time but I can see inside the box now
deer and stags, leaves, humidity and deep green, a forest

I have forgotten how it’s like to write a poem but it’s easy to breathe now that they’re all lined up

the dandelions

(varianta RO aici)