Fusion cuisine: how to eat cartofii răntăliţi ai lui bunicu with Korean kimchi

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Diana dans la Cuisine

Alternatively called peasant’s spuds with paprika and onion, “cartofi răntăliţi” is a traditional Romanian dish made out of boiled, then sauteed potatoes with onion and spices (usually paprika, salt and pepper).

I grew up with this food and one of my grandfathers was the master of this dish, making it so delicious every time, one could not resist it. Although it was usually cooked on fasting days (as it’s vegan), I had soon fallen in love with it, making it every time I had the chance.

What a happy time. As a spoiled grandchild, I was always surrounded by delicious, hearty, wholesome food cooked by both my grandmothers, but also learned the magic of appreciating and respecting what nature gives us season after season – with my grandfathers, and dive into a world of rather raw, organic straight out of the garden produce. One would teach me basic vegan, rich flavours of cooking when…

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Traveller’s spiced wine

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Diana dans la Cuisine

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetThe story of mulled winebegins a long time ago, in the early years of the Antiquity.  Back in the 1st century AD, the Roman and Byzantine cuisine had what foodcritiques of the time recorded into their writings, a few types of spiced wines beautifully prepared with different ingredients that would give the liquid a specific, very flavoured taste: they used honey, bay leaves, dates, saffron, pepper, star anise and mastic and at first, it used to be served cold. Of course, Roman and Greek cookbooks had slightly different versions, but the flavoured concoction travelled by the name of conditum viatorium (traveller’s spiced wine)and conditum paradoxum (surprise spiced wine). 

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