*Chapter 2, where the romance begins

there’s a familiar scent in the room when I keep the window open, but it’s not as familiar as it should be; wind is a bit salty like butter and leaves are crisp
leaves back home at this stage of the autumn are soft and velvety, inviting you to go for a coffee in the park just so you can mix the smoke of your cigarette with the smoke of stubble burning.
I’ve been harvested.



Dog&duck they said stands for fuck
londoners and their funny way of talking
like apples&pears stands for
or whatever

and even if George Orwell did go to dog&duck
for drinks with his mates
every single inch of london says something
I am all over london and london is all over me
and somehow it’s as like I didn’t mind the gap
he said
that’s what actually happened
and he took me in his palms with lines crossing them
upstairs we go
apples and pears for starters
haven’t been so close to anyone in ages
dog and duck to nicely end the evening
trembling and shivering
this is familiar I’m thinking where and when did I –

I didn’t mind the gap me neither

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