20 seconds later

and here you are leaning on the porch or window

myself leaning on you grabbing every second of this minute by its tail do not let go of the seconds we should catch them eat them up I want them to stay for longer I want to paint them write them sculpt them 

this is my shape and colour, this view

– 20 seconds later –  do you

you are a freak you know that  


bobby is smoking his cigarette outside the shop he’s got
tattoos from god knows what ancient time
what is your dream?
I could live anywhere in a big city in a small farm in the countryside in the mountains

at the seaside 
I really don’t care
I could travel to your dream place
bobby has his name tattooed on his neck
bobby has these insecurities like dodgy off-licence shops
in bethnal green which is la great area lovely atmosphere

you came to me whispering I heard you wrote some poems like a drug dealer would ask you want some dope? my hands were
I said sure anytime you want but then I realized what if you don’t what if 
I’m still waiting
your laugh was so genuine I haven’t heard anyone laugh like that in a very long time

bobby doesn’t have a car
he used to drive when he was younger now he’s taking the train
priority seats
what is your dream now?