random train thoughts

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all skies look east except this one above looking right back at me
at me cleaning my footsteps and my thoughts from this universe
out of this dark tunnel on a train to brighton hoping that the sea has some answers
there’s grass and naked trees until the sea and yellow brownish landscapes
and it is getting greyer and greyer

shit by the time I get there it’s already time to go back

Fusion cuisine: how to eat cartofii răntăliţi ai lui bunicu with Korean kimchi

how to

Diana dans la Cuisine

Alternatively called peasant’s spuds with paprika and onion, “cartofi răntăliţi” is a traditional Romanian dish made out of boiled, then sauteed potatoes with onion and spices (usually paprika, salt and pepper).

I grew up with this food and one of my grandfathers was the master of this dish, making it so delicious every time, one could not resist it. Although it was usually cooked on fasting days (as it’s vegan), I had soon fallen in love with it, making it every time I had the chance.

What a happy time. As a spoiled grandchild, I was always surrounded by delicious, hearty, wholesome food cooked by both my grandmothers, but also learned the magic of appreciating and respecting what nature gives us season after season – with my grandfathers, and dive into a world of rather raw, organic straight out of the garden produce. One would teach me basic vegan, rich flavours of cooking when…

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Traveller’s spiced wine

something to warm up

Diana dans la Cuisine

I’m blabbering about it here

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetThe story of mulled winebegins a long time ago, in the early years of the Antiquity.  Back in the 1st century AD, the Roman and Byzantine cuisine had what foodcritiques of the time recorded into their writings, a few types of spiced wines beautifully prepared with different ingredients that would give the liquid a specific, very flavoured taste: they used honey, bay leaves, dates, saffron, pepper, star anise and mastic and at first, it used to be served cold. Of course, Roman and Greek cookbooks had slightly different versions, but the flavoured concoction travelled by the name of conditum viatorium (traveller’s spiced wine)and conditum paradoxum (surprise spiced wine). 

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*chapter 6, where I remember

Why am I here – that’s a good question, well because
I remember that morning like it was yesterday you slept for two hours maybe then I came into your room I was looking for that hug again longing for it craving it knowing its all wrong but knowing its the only thing I need maybe you touched my left arm then you left for work and I knew I had to leave too
I remember that morning like it was yesterday because of the rain and the silence of its drops on the rooftops and the park was all green and fresh mixing up our breaths in the air going back to our homes with a strange question mark above our heads
will I ever see that room again

two weeks later I was back I remember that day asking myself wtf is love after all it’s like going back to school; the hibbie jibbies feeling; the under the covers when it’s dark and raining outside and there are homeless people out there for fuck’s sake and it’s like colouring a book outside the lines and from time to time thinking of how lucky you are but still the only thing that makes me feel like que ça colle it’s writing

*chapter 5, where I fail

Also looking for the best X-rays of dreams in all formats, color and black-and-white. Successfully photographed memories, to be considered for airing on TV networks, paid extra. (Milorad Pavic, Landscape painted with tea)

no one said anything, it was just a step dance underground; and as we flew towards the day, our shadows were fading.

there was coffee all over the floor, broken glass, broken china and I was all scratched.
Some fingers were pointing at my dirty-smelly-coffee stained-dress and I knew that there was dust all over me and I had a red face.
Grab it with your hands said the sand therapist
then write your poems with your toes at the sea side and hope for the best. You have yet to finish all those books you started to read years ago and give those voices to the characters you’ve been thinking about in your dreams

I wish I could use my camera when dreaming, I’m sure I would remember everything easier.


Memories of taste

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. (Marcel Proust)


photo ©ana rusu

“In an introduction to the famous René Redzepi’s NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine, O. Eliasson shares his feelings and discoveries about food, after eating a strange dish at Noma, a few years ago. The reader (even if one is not a food lover or connoisseur) learns that when you eat, you open a gate and food gives you access to a new experience, sometimes unfamiliar. Your brain creates a map of time and space.”

I’m writing  here about memories of taste, for the Unspoken World magazine.